Do you have hair where you don’t want hair? We can take care of that little problem for you. Our waxing packages can take care of your unwanted hair from your eyebrow to your toe. Book an appointment today.

Brow Maintenance

Our spa professionals are here to help with your eyebrow maintenance. From shaping to waxing unibrows, we can do it all.

begins at $20


Do you have some hair above your lip that you need to have removed? We can wax that off for you. Our spa professionals will wax your lips and leave them hair free.



Everyone can grow hair on their chin, no matter their gender or lifestyle. If that’s not something you want, we can help you have it removed. For only $18, you won’t find a better chin waxing in the Chicagoland area.



It’s very common for people to have hair on their arms that they want to have removed. Salon Lorrene’s arm waxing package ensures that you’ll leave with smooth arms when we’re done.

full $50  half $35


Waxing your legs is the quickest way to remove unwanted hairs. Salon Lorrene is one of Chicagoland’s top waxing salons. For $45 for a half wax and $80 for a full, you won’t find a better option.

full $80  half $45


No matter who you are, no one likes underarm air. Having it removed would be ideal. Thankfully, that’s just what Salon Lorrene can do with our underarm waxing package.



You can look your best in a swimsuit or bikini with the Salon Lorrene bikini wax. Our spa professionals clean up your bikini line so it’s silky smooth and hair free.

begins at $38


If you’re looking to clean all of the unwanted hair on your body, you may want to consider below the belt. Our Brazilian wax makes sure all hair is removed from your pubic area.

begins at $65


It’s almost impossible to reach your back to remove any unwanted hair. That’s why our back waxing package is the perfect option for people of all genders and lifestyles. Clean up your back today.

begins at $40


There’s a negative connotation associated with “neckbeards”. That’s why there might be a drive to remove hair growing there. We’re able to wax the neck area and remove all unwanted hair.


Eyebrow Tint

Don’t like the color of your eyebrows? Looking to go lighter or darker? An eyebrow tint package might be right for you.


Miscellaneous Face Wax

Many times, it’s difficult to remove all hairs from your face. Not matter how much you shave, you’re more likely to cut yourself than get those few, impossible strans. Our face wax package ensures that your face will never have felt so smooth.

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